Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Lucky One” Not So Lucky After All

Once again is a pleasure to write for you my weekly Movie review and this time I went to see a movie than it might have never been my own choice but I accepted the suggestion and give it the opportunity , the movie was The lucky one , and just by the title you know it going to be a corny chick movie which I have no problem with, if they didn't actually used so sacred things to me in order to hook the audience

U.S. Marine Sergeant Logan Thibault (Efron) arrives in a small town and seduces a young, single mother in "The Lucky One," an adaptation of the Nicholas Sparks

Number one they use patriotism ,very intelligent move , everybody loves our troops ,I personally not 100% comfortable with the whole concept of war ,but I kneel myself in front of any soldier than have the guts to say : you are going to sleep safe tonight because I am in charge, I admire that and it really bothers me when Hollywood use this particular sentiment of the American society just to sell some movie tickets, and they dress some Disney boy named Zac Efron as a marine , but I have to give it to the producers they are very intelligent , they do know what sells , you should have seen the reaction of the audience inside the theater I was full of teenage girls when Disney boy Zac took half his pants off , it was pandemonium.

Unfortunately Zac’s newly renovated six pack abs and big arms and thighs did make it up for his acting in this one, oh my God this guy acting skills could put a child on ibuprofen ansd starbucks to sleep, but I don't want to be completely bashful to this move because there are some good things about it , while everybody was waiting it to be Zac’s biggest crossover ,from child actor to young male roles , it was in fact a revelation of his co - actress Taylor Schilling, a strikingly beautiful new actress who I have never seen before but I am telling you that girl can seriously act, she had the whole audience in tears in one of the most beautiful scenes I have seen during a movie . So 2 thumbs up for Schilling.

Another thing that I couldn't’ help notice was the beautiful photography and gorgeous scenarios of this film , god job on that ! I mean once you get over the film's chilling narcissism , there is not a single actor in the movie who is not blonde and blue eyed , and just by merely coincidence the "bad guy “ happened to be a brunette, if I didn't know the author of the book Nicholas Sparks , I would bet this movie was written by a republican old white lady, and his perfect idea of the world, so this creation of the 7th art in my humble opinion ultimately makes for a pleasureless fantasy.

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