Monday, May 21, 2012

The Guardian Express and Albertations " the blog" @ the Billboard Awards 2012

 by Albert Angulo

Las Vegas Nevada, Sunday the 20th, was an exhilarating experience as The Guardian Express stepped onto its first red carpet at the Billboard Awards and received an exceptional welcome from all fellow media colleagues. From the MGM Grand hotel, the 2012 Billboard Music Awards recognized the best and most unique beats that moved the music industry this year.

The red carpet was full of celebrities like Justin Bieber (definitely the one who got the audience most frantic) who later won an award for Best Social Artist and performed his latest single, "Boyfriend," while thousands of fans screamed the lyrics as he sang; and Usher, who arrived at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards in style, looking ready for the summer months in a robin's egg suit, also gave us a great presentation of his new single, "Scream."
Taylor Swift, was one of the most shocking celebrities I've ever seen in person, as she appeared to flow thorough the air like a Barbie Doll. Even without her famous curls, Taylor looked smart and sophisticated in her snappy red dress.

Katy Perry, following a record-breaking year on the charts, made her grand entrance in Vegas sporting a sleek lavender gown. The guys form The Wanted also made a flawless appearance on the red carpet. It's been a great comeback year for Nelly Furtado, who was amazing to the press: all smiles, in a classy, pre-performance ensemble and showing off her newly learned Spanish skills. She was more than willing to say a few words in Spanish for our incredible bilingual newspaper! "Hola amigos de el Guardian" she said as she laughed at her own accent. It was refreshing to see how humble and accessible all these celebrities were and to feel the sense of selfless comradery that all the reporters from different networks and media have. It was like being at a party with old friends!

It was no surprise that Miley Cyrus caught the camera's eye in her non-bra risqué blazer-meets-miniskirt combo. Cool as always, Miley not only looked great but she behaved as the high-class celebrity she is-- very classy. Sporting a chic summer ensemble, Billboard R&B favorite, Brandy, greeted the press but was unable to say anything to us as she ran down the red carpet. She was in a hurry because she was one of the first presenters. Definitely the queen of the red carpet was Carrie Underwood looking like a princess in an Oscar De la Renta gown.

Once inside the ceremony there were amazing performances but definitely one of the most electrifying performances of the evening was by LMAFO with his single "I'm sexy and I know it," making everybody in the audience wiggle wiggle wiggle.
Usher and Bieber goofed around in the front row during the show after Bieber got the crowd moving with his "Believe" single. Another dream illusion performance was brought to life by Katy Perry performing her never before heard single, "Wide Awake," while flying through the arena; and of course Chris Brown had to show his dreamy abs by taking off his shirt during his performance.

CeeLo Green was in a great mood as his one-legged soldier/dancer stole the show during their performance.
But it was not all party mode. Things got very emotional as icon award winner Stevie Wonder performed with a chorus, and John Legend and Whoopi Goldberg walked onstage to celebrate Whitney Houston. Jordin Sparks reached for the rafters during her tribute to Whitney.

Way to go Billboards 2012! The Guardian team and Albertations is looking forward to being there again next year.

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