Thursday, April 17, 2014

It's the year 2031, 92% of the population of the world is dead, and the only reason I'm alive is because I didn't sign up for Obama care

by Albert Angulo 

Today is April 17 year 2031 my memory is very blurry due to the lack of protein in my  brain and body , I haven't eaten anything in more than 4 days, but I will try my best to be accurate  about years and dates in my story.

About 21 years ago in 2014 something that used to be called Obama care was implemented in the US , needles to say it was under the presidency of Barack Obama,  it was basically a cheaper more accessible option to get medical insurance, not only for those who already had it , for also for those who couldn't really afford it, it wasn't really a hit at the beginning, so a few people singed up for it, but  what a lot of individuals did in the process of trying to sing up for it , was actually willingly submitting information to a data base for a government owned website , which at the moment seemed to be inoffensive, not to mention "broken"

By the year 2017 under the command of president Hillary Clinton, such program got re-named  and improved, it wasn't called Obama care anymore  it was just simple affordable care, and affordable was indeed , 20 years ago $35 dollars a month  was a very reasonable amount,  that pretty much every American citizen was able to pay for Medical services. So it was not until then when 92% of Americans enrolled into the program...

But the world was starting to change by then, the situation between Russia and US was undeniable hostile ,  by 2018 , 3 different attempts of attacks from Russia have been detected and US troops were sent to Russia in order to prevent further harm to US. 

Also by the same year 3 mayor terrorist attacks had happened, from 3 different extremist groups who were actually based on US soil, so everybody have become a threat.

 No one was to be trust, and by May 2020 the government launched the  "citizen watched security program " were every single person  have to be in the look out for potential hazard, which drove the population into a state of paranoia and hostility among each other.

 Not to mention make every civilian an "enemy of the state" which gave the government total access to everyone's virtual info, everything on the internet  was being observed and carefully reviewed ;  not that it wasn't like than ever since 9/11,  but now the government have the authority to persecute and press charges to anyone who could be a potential "virtual threat" they could look on your IP address, web search and determinate  a criminal profile against you. Even by Google search. So if someone wanted to know about what was happening in the world and innocently typed the words , Russia , terrorism, war, attack, etc.    they could expect the police to be knocking at their doors within less than an hour.

The so called " citizen security watched program " was a total success not only because people were afraid but also because  the media have portrayed to be the only way to be safe.  And in that same year, I actually do remember the day,  it was June 6th 2020,  (6/6/20)  America was"strongly offered" the opportunity to get a "security chip" which translate into a chip implanted in a persons right arm or forehead in order  to secure , passwords, info, bank accounts, social security numbers, etc. And was also included in the HR3962 bill of Obama care concerning the RIID microchip with the ability to chip every citizen of t the United states.

Pretty much every Hollywood actor, actress, celebrities were getting it , so it was not only a harmless beneficial thing in people mind  but the next pop trend; you could see pictures of celebrities getting the chip all over twitter, Instagram and social media, it was kind of like what happened back when iphones were invented people would line up to be the first ones to get it,  I should  mention than by 2020 Facebook did not longer exist, apparently there was a mayor hacking to the website causing it to crash, people lost millions of millions of pictures, information,  history, and virtual identities, I believed this was one of the mayor reasons that drove millions of people not only in America but in the world  to get the chip implanted.

The world by then had  became so hypnotized by its virtual life, specially with the re- invention of those google glasses that everybody wore back on that decade, it basically made their brains work as if they were inside of a computer  and their vision to feel like if they were robots ( which they were very close to really become into ) it was cool I guess,  but creepy at the same time. 

The microchip did work,  for about 7 years there was a sense of peace in the world,  specially in the US, but what was really interesting was how this device worked, the information inside was sent  to a mayor "secured" computer through waves, microwaves,  but the chip was not only able to send info but also to receive it ,and this is were the trick lied,

 Mayor companies like Walmart , target, and many others  got a hand on the chip,  and make deals with the government to start advertising their products, it was something like what happened back when Facebook existed and you posted a picture of your dog and then magically you started seeing advertisement for dog food, dog houses etc on the top right side of your Facebook feeds. But now with the chip you did not only see the advertisement but you start feeling it inside your body , feeling the need to get this products, basically being told and forced to buy them. 

By 2027 third world war was officially initiated with mayor attacks all over the world, this planet was nothing as we knew it before , all local business were close, there was no way to get groceries, I could not longer trade , nor buy or basically exist, as I don't have the microchip, as tension around the world grew, also the need of security did,  and a shocking true was revealed by the media :  the chip also contains a lethal dose of cyanide that can be activated at any time for those in control if they believe a person could be a potential threat to the new order of the world. 

The world de-population dream of some have come to a reality in the last 20 years we went from 7,227,150,567 in 2014 to 500,000,000 almost 6 billion people have vanish . A big percent of which was done through ourselves, willingly helping  found infertility programs and technologies, legalizing abortion, legislating "global population control" like what happened in China and its only 2 children rule , eating genetically modified food, forced into into supermarkets . And basically but mostly being misinformed  by mass media and believing it without investigating real facts. Letting ourselves being control by a few and not confronting opinions and information using the simple question : based on what ?

I wish I could go back 20 years in time and warn the world of the profound hypnotized culture they were living in, being more preoccupied on materialistic  aspects of their lives like social media rather than being really organically enlighten by getting re-connected to their brains and trying to preserve the natural beauty of the human soul. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Y tu como los prefieres con o sin barba ?

Mucho se ha dicho acerca de la reciente tendencia del sexo fuerte  dejando crecer su barba , lo que yo he notado es que los varones definitivamente se encuentran mucho mas  con su lado masculino cuando usan barba, tal vez sea el efecto anti-evolucion,  animalesco que el cabello facial ofrece , o simplemente el echo de  adelgazar las facciones de la cara debido ala sombra que  la barba ofrece.

Pero como los prefieren las mujeres ?  con o sin barba ? luciendo piel de bebito o al estilo gorila, y recuerda que como miembro del genero femenino tu opinión cuenta para hacer que los cavernícolas de los hombres no comentan errores en las tendencias de modas 

Antonio Banderas

Pierce  Brosnan


                                     Brad Pitt

Bradly Cooper 

John Ham 

Ryan Reynolds 

Bruce Willis

Prince Harry 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Películas Mas esperadas del Verano 2014 by Guardian Ent. Albert Angulo

aqui les traigo un re-cap de las películas mas esperadas este verano entre ellas; "Edge of Tomorrow" , protagonizada por Emily Blunt y Tom Cruise, asi como Jupiter" Ascending " y "Gozilla "

TED.x UNLV " flipping the switch" interview Albert Angulo and Kimberly San Agustin

"Hecho en America"Jessica Alba inspiring stories of latinos achieving the American dream

Luna de Sangre : Profecia ? principio de la nueva era ? apertura del sexto sello del Apocalipsis? o un simple fenómeno astrologico ?

Por Alberto Angulo 

Hoy Martes dio inicio  las lunas de sangre como comúnmente se le ha llamado al fenómeno lunar sinónimo para muchos de teorías del fin del mundo, y profecías apocalípticas , el eclipse total de luna de el 15 de Abril es el primero de un periodo poco habitual que no se producía desde hace mas de una dedada y que no volverá a tener lugar sino hasta en otros 10.

En esta sucesión de eclipses lunares , la tetrada se producirá cada seis meses , el satélite de la tierra adquirira un característico color rojo un fenómeno que solo ocurrirá siete veces este siglo. 

Es inevitable no correlacionar este evento con profecías bíblicas especialmente al citar el libro del Apocalipsis capitulo 6 versículo 12 que no solo describe la luna de Sangre sino los últimos terremotos que han ocurrido particularmente en Chile uno de los mas densos de la historia. 

“Vi cuando el Cordero abrió el sexto sello, y hubo un gran terremoto, y el sol se puso negro como silicio echo de cerda y toda la luna se volvió como sangre y las estrellas del cielo cayeron ala tierra como la higuera deja caer sus higos verdes al se sacudida por un fuerte viento “ Apocalipsis 6;12 

 En lo personal me gustaría mas que tomar un enfoque" fatalistico” Ver dicho fenómeno como el nuncio de  una nueva era, una era de iluminación en todos los diferentes aspectos para los habitantes de este mundo, Así como un nuevo y mas fresco despertar de conciencia. si en realidad el sexto sello del  Apocalipsis se ha abierto, no debería ser causa de temor pues significa que la fuerza divina sea cual sea esta mas cerca.  y tu que piensas ?  será este el principio del fin ? el comienzo de una nueva era ? o un simple fenómeno astrológico sin ningún  tipo de significado ?.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hillary Clinton recibe el "zapatazo" de una mujer durante un discurso en Las Vegas

Clinton esquivó el zapatazo de una mujer durante un discurso en Las Vegas.
Una mujer desconocida lanzó este viernes sin éxito un zapato a la exsecretaria de Estado y exprimera dama Hillary Clinton cuando pronunciaba un discurso en Las Vegas, un incidente que la política se tomó con buen humor y del que salió ilesa.
"Dios mío, no sabía que la gestión de los residuos sólidos fuera tan controvertida. Gracias a Dios que no jugó al 'softball' -una variedad del béisbol- como hice yo" , bromeó Clinton después de que la mujer anónima fallara su tiro, incidente cuyas imágenes han circulado ampliamente por los medios estadounidenses.
Los agentes del Servicio Secreto tomaron a la mujer en custodia, según la CNN, pero por el momento se desconoce tanto su identidad como cuál era el motivo de su protesta.
En las imágenes retransmitidas por las televisiones, sólo se ve a una mujer rubia siendo expulsada de la sala por los agentes mientras levanta los brazos en señal de triunfo.

Clinton, a la que se considera la democrata con más posibilidades en la carrera presidencial de 2016, estaba pronunciando un discurso sobre gestión de residuos y reciclaje en un hotel de Las Vegas cuando ocurrió el incidente.