Sunday, July 13, 2014

Pregnant Neon: a tale of conspicuous devotions by Richard Hooker , what do you regret ?

Pregnant neon by Richard Hooker 

In an exceptionally innovating way Richard Hooker brings to life his exhibition "Pregnant Neon “a series of lighting  pieces along with a section of broken plates, glued back together,  that a first sight might seem redundant but once you stare long enough and read the messages written  on each plate, it definitely makes you think about your own  regrets and what and you have or haven’t  accomplish in life, its an hypnotizing feeling and suddenly times stops and you find yourself admiring this revolutionary form of art.

Pregnant neon by Richard Hooker 

The exhibition also includes a piece that reads, the puzzling last words of the missing Malaysia airline  730 flight  “All right good night” . a provocative,  personal yet universal seres of age old questions are brought to mind. 

Mr. Hooker’s exhibition is a vivid reminder that art at its best is not  just visually stimulating but also mentally and reflectively inspirational .

"Pregnant neon" was exhibit at the studio located at the sahara west library form May 23rd to July 12th. 

Pregnant neon by Richard Hooker 

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