Sunday, January 29, 2012

Adam’s hangover : a different point of view about Adam and Eve

by Albert Angulo

        I have come across a chronologically impossible question that I have found to be a reoccurring theme: “if you have the opportunity to be able to interview any person in history who would it be? “I find this question bit absurd due to the simple fact that is absolutely never going to happen, unless we develop a time machine and even we did, how are we ever going to be able to be one on one with these timeless figures we attempt to interview? I understand this is a “hypothetical” question, so there is no need to take it so seriously.

         Individuals posed with this question tend to respond answers according to his or their own personalities.  Let us   imagine, the pseudo-intellectual  would answer  in one of the most  irreverent ways : Aristotle !; the unpublished writer ( like myself ) would say : Shakespeare;, the  public  university educated math teacher : Isaac Newton; !, a self-proclaimed artist would mention Michael  Angelo; , and of course the scientist would say : Albert Einstein.  But What about a pastor or a priest or a committed religious person and I think we all know the answer , yes they would  say : Jesus , as if any  answer to what you could potentially ask him were not already in the  Bible, but anyway, what would  you say ? I’d probably lie, just for fun, depending on who is the question coming from and I would try to initiate some controversy choosing an over the top character like: Hitler or Christopher Columbus.

       But  who I really would like to interview if I were given the opportunity would be Adam, yes Adam, as in Adam and Eve.,   First,   we all want to know where we came from,  right ?  We all have doubts about the theory of how everything began, don’t we? and also being a stubborn believer of a higher power If you want to call it : God, I believe Adam, as the very first offender in history basically ruined it for all of us, tragically thinking, and let me tell you it wouldn’t precisely be the most cordial interview, maybe I would start with some ice breakers kind of questions like:

                How does it feel Adam?

                How does it feel to take a walk with God?

                What is like to be in the presence of the most pure love? A type of love humans can’t even start to understand, tell how is it to be taken the scars out of one’s eyes and be able to see reality through the eyes of the most loving, inviting paternal and tender being that has ever existed?

                Tell me Adam have the decency of look at me and explain how does it feel to be separated of any worry or pain? To see that light than everybody so eagerly talks about, wither than the whitest snow, brighter than ten thousand suns and still be able to look right at him, how did you talked to him?

     I can only imagine what is like to be able to ask him questions and get an immediate answer, to feel so secure so complete than the only way to describe the feeling is by using the word: Paradise.

I am sure I am some point I wouldn’t be able to content myself and I would get up from my chair and slap him right in the face, saying; how could you? How could you have been so unwise? So senseless, And he would look at me right into my eyes and say: I deeply regret it, Albert, I did not know I was a sentencing humanity to live in a perpetual state of spiritual conflict, I had no idea I was forcing you to live in a constant battle between what you heart knows but your brain can’t reason.

Then I would take a deep breath and sit down again in my imaginary  brown colored plastic chair , disturbingly similar to the ones at my grandma’s home  and right  there sitting in front of Adam  I would come to  understand than it wasn’t his fault than if it hadn’t been him, somebody else would have done it ,maybe Cain or  Abel,  and in that moment  a profound dark feeling of  relief would take over me as I realized then, if nobody in history of human kind would have eaten than apple , I would have done it. After all how many times people who love me the most have worn me about not doing something and that was deliberately and exactly what I ended up doing, and just like a coin going into a machine the metaphor used in the book of Genesis would click, and make a little sense to me   for the first time in my life. 

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